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At the age of eleven I became enveloped in the pastry world. I would accompany my neighbor to his restaurant and watch the pastry chefs create magic. As soon as I was able to I enrolled at Instituto Albert, a culinary academy, at age fourteen and graduated at age seventeen. From there I began to acquire experience and increase my talent. Having studied under the Pastry Master Montini Vittorio for four years, I was able to hone my techniques. Concurrently, I fed my hunger for knowledge in my field by reading every book that I came across.

After gaining a stronghold in my pastry concept, I decided to introduce Italian pastries to Berlin. Opening Giomecca Pastry on August 22, 2016 was my chance to share Italian pastries with a fusion of intercultural inspiration. My technique is Italian, however, I reject the mold of solely making traditional pastries. I embrace tradition and innovation and apply it in all confections.